Does Not Stop Talking! Now Justin Bieber Confessed Everything He Does in Privacy …

Justin Bierber and Hailey Baldwin

The singer surprised the crowd during a concert in London.

Justin Bieber has decided to tell everything about his life: problems, addictions, illnesses, pain and even – the last thing he lacked – also his intimacy.

Long ago, the singer had confessed that he would enter the hard life of celibacy, and the truth is that he did it for more than a year.

We could say that it was the spiritual era in the history of the Canadian artist. A stage in which he approached God and moved away from excesses.

But each end has its opposite and Justin went from one to another in a sigh. As soon as he met Hailey Baldwin, his current wife, he abandoned abstinence and dedicated himself to recovering lost time. 

Now, during the concert he gave this week at Indigo at The O2 in London, the singer told the crowd what he does in privacy: “When I am with my wife we ​​like … you can imagine what we like to do, and things get out of control, “he said.

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“It’s basically all we do. We also like to watch movies,” Justin said to his surprised fans and added: “Netflix and chill” (Netflix and relax).

And then, as if it were necessary to clarify it, Justin Bieber acknowledged: “The part we like the most is to relax, without a doubt.” Apparently, Justin enjoys his first married months, although the truth is that it is not necessary to provide so much information.