Omg! They Assure That Selena Gómez Suffers From Manipulation by Her “Friends”

Selena Gómez

The theory is based on the labor exploitation suffered by the artist.

Singer Selena Gomez is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of today, however, during her career, she has had to face multiple situations that have caused her difficulties.

In the social network of Twitter, a theory has been launched that would explain an alleged manipulation of which Selena would be, and all with the evidence of some evidence that would support the conspiracy theory.

It all begins when the artist disappeared a while from the media view to what she herself confessed was because of Lupus, a disease she suffers, however, the tweeter says that this was planned by a group of friends from Gomez.

The theory states that Ashley Cook (friend of the singer ), would be responsible for having entered a religious sect, this point is given by the constant appearances of Gomez in the church of Hillsong.

The most radical followers of the actress, in addition to pointing to Cook, point to Raquelle Stevens, Connar Franklin, and Caroline Franklin, who are also accused of wanting to run the former Disney girl’s career, because they live off her and her work.

The theory also states that the “friends” would be using a double, named Ashley Kane, to make public appearances by the artist, while she remains locked in her home.

For sure, the veracity of this conspiracy theory has not been proven, but there are many who support it and have made the hashtag #FreeSelena looking for the release of the actress.