“Poor Bitter”: Kimberly Flores Tunde a Fan Who Called Her ‘Offered’

Kimberly Flores

The Guatemalan model, Kimberly Flores, was furious after a follower accused her of being an ‘offered’

Mexico City.- Once again  Kimberly Flores is being the victim of cruel criticisms and teasing on social networks as several Internet users continue to claim that the model was short while living in her native,  Guatemala.

On the occasion of the Day of Love and friendship, Kimberly used her official Instagram account to share all the affection she feels for her husband,  Edwin Luna, with beautiful words.

Thank you for always making our days special moments, each day more united, more in love and more crazy, “wrote the beautiful brunette.

Several followers went to the jugular’ because they say that Kimberly only married Edwin for her money because she no longer wanted to live on the aforementioned trade.

Good mooring you made. “

Edwin loves those kind of women who sell caresses. “

Thank you also for the money and accept you with your bad reputation. “

Kimberly could not remain silent before a harsh critic and thus replied:

Another poor bitter hater. Enjoy at least one day of your life. Ok! “He commented.