What Scarlett Johansson Does Not Want You to Know: The Actress Had a Party in the Operating Room Looks Like Another!

Scarlett Johansson

The artist looks unrecognizable after getting some tweaks.

Scarlet Johansson currently savors the honey of success after winning the Best Actress Oscar at the recent 92nd ceremony held a week ago in Los Angeles.

The protagonist of “A marriage story”, a role that would give her the privilege of taking the long-awaited statuette in the fierce contest, has led in recent days the main news of entertainment after getting the feat.

But as in Hollywood the moments of fame are so ephemeral, it seems that the commotion caused by the conquest of the Academy Award winner has been overshadowed by other news, that Scarlett would not have wanted it to shine.

These are some alleged tweaks that the Marvel actress would have done after the gala of the film awards, which has turned the attention of the press and her followers to the artist.

According to those known in the art, Scarlett’s arrangements include the injection of her face with botox and hyaluronic acid, in addition to the reduction of her front charms, and according to bad tongues until her nose would have been refined.

Although these statements have not been 100% proven, what is true is that those who have seen it in recent days have been able to say that Johansson looks quite changed.

Be that as it may, the American actress knows perfectly how to make use of her beauty to shine on how much red carpet she presents and continue to conquer hearts.