“You’re Old”: Thalia Takes a Selfie in the Bathroom and Fans Tunden Her for Ridiculous


Thalia uploaded a photo on her Instagram account in which she posed from a bathroom, a moment that was criticized by several Internet users

The United States .- Thalia continues to surprise Internet users with their occurrences, which she shares in her social networks 

On this occasion, it was a photograph that causes laughter among fans who follow her on Instagram because she posed from the bathroom where she left the toilet and was dressed as a young girl. 

The best selfies are taken in the bathroom, ”was the message that put Tommy Mottola’s wife , which was repeated with many comments. 

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Best selfies are in the bathrooms ???????

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Some users pointed out that she always has a good vibe, while others point out that she is a ridiculous woman because of the way she dresses and the occurrences she has, saying that “she was already old.”