At Its Worst! Madonna Can No Longer Walk Alone and Once Again Suspended Two Shows in a Row


Your doctors ask you to rest.

Madonna does not improve. The demanding tour “Madame X tour”, which includes 100 concerts in six months and in different parts of the planet, has deteriorated her health in such a way that she had to cancel several of the shows.

One day ago, the British newspaper Daily Mail published a series of images in which you can see the Queen of Pop in very bad conditions.

The photographs were taken after the concert she gave in London Palladium and there you can see how ” Madonna grabs her cane while leaving the stadium with her Versace coat and fishnets, and held by a friend,” says the London newspaper.

Days before, the diva had recognized on social networks: “I must listen to my body and put my health first. The last thing I want to do is to disappoint my fans or compromise the integrity of my program. So I will continue until I don’t may. “

“Please forgive this unexpected turn of events. Doing my performance every night has a lot of fun and canceling is a kind of punishment for me, but the pain I suffer right now is overcoming me and I must rest following the doctor’s recommendations to be able to come back stronger and continue the tour, “the message added.

As a result of this, and for the first time in 37 years of career, Madonna had to suspend shows in the United States, Portugal, England, and even in France, where she will perform in the next few days, although she already anticipated that the concerts of the February 20 and 25 in Paris.

This situation generated the anger of some of her fans, who decided to take legal action; while the rest of her followers follow with concern the physical deterioration of Madonna.