Caroline Flack’s Agent Reveals the Causes of Star Suicide

Caroline Flack

The agent of the late star of Love Island, Caroline Flack, issued a couple of statements in which she reveals the causes she believes led the 40-year-old star to commit suicide

London, England.- Francis Ridley, an agent of the late star of Love IslandCaroline Flack, revealed the reasons she believes led the 40-year-old star to commit suicide in her apartment. 

Last Saturday, February 15, the reality show host, who has already recorded three suicides of her participants telling Flack, was found dead in her apartment in the United Kingdom by local authorities. 

So far there has been no official report of how and why of her suicide, but one of her agents said it was because the prosecution has subjected her to a lot of stress after putting her trial until March, remember that in December She was accused of hitting her boyfriendLewis Burton, with a lamp. 

In recent months, Caroline has been under enormous pressure due to this case and the possible process that has been postponed, “Francis said. 

Shortly after the accusations against him, the tennis player pronounced in social networks pointing out that Caroline never physically assaulted him, after which she accused the prosecution of creating a “show trial” against Flack. 

The prosecution should reflect on the way in which they have mounted a show trial, which not only had no foundation but also lacked public interest. And finally, this caused great suffering in Caroline, “Francis said.