Confirmed! Natalia Barulich Can’t Hide It Anymore: She’s Dating Neymar!

Natalia Barulich

Although some continue to connect her with Maluma, the model already has a new boyfriend.

Natalia Barulich obtained much of her fame thanks to her relationship with singer Maluma, with whom she maintained 2 years of intense courtship, which finally ended with a great scandal.

According to the interpreter of “Mala mine”, Natalia would have been unfaithful to the famous footballer Neymar although at that time she flatly denied him, claiming they only had a friendship.

Time after the controversial break, it seems that the model is not afraid of what they will say because recently it has been seen very close with the striker of Paris Saint Germain.

Apparently it was Neymar himself who posted a video on her Instagram account, in the athlete she shared a pleasant moment with Natalia and she gave him an effusive hug.

Although the 100% hypothesis has not been confirmed, everything indicates that Barulich has invested her time very well since she finished with Maluma and that it is only a matter of time for this pair to ventilate their relationship to the four winds.

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Que cariñosos @natalia y @neymarjr ? #gyfopina ⏬

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At the same time, the model has been related again to the interpreter of “Happy the 4!, After the singer published on February 14, a strange photo with a red rose and a heart balloon, writing at the foot of the postcard: “Why don’t you tell him who you think today?”

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Por que no le cuentas en quien piensas hoy? ?

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This message was taken by her fans as a hint towards Natalia, whoever it is, does not stop causing controversy over her multiple conquests.