“He Doesn’t Feel Sorry!”: Yanet García Teaches “Her Hairy” Wallowed in the Sand

The acclaimed Regiomontana, Yanet García, unleashed the comments after publishing a daring photo lying on the sand 

California, United States.- Yanet García, who was previously known as the  ‘Climate Girl’, unleashed the lowest passions of her followers after appearing wearing her charms with sensual clothes.

Through its official Instagram account, the 29-year-old Regiomontana published a photograph in which she appears lying face down on the sand while wearing a pink top and a tight short ‘cachetero’ that highlights her huge butt.

One of the things that stands out in the publication is that her pet,  ‘La Mamacita’, looks quite dirty and also the dog took advantage of the huge rearguard of Yanet as a pillow.

He is not ashamed to teach the hairy that dirty. “

What good pillows, that dog is very lucky. “

Also, Yanet took advantage of her stories to share another snapshot in which she exhibits her spectacular body with a sexy two-piece swimsuit.

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