Safety Pin! Becky G Does Her Thing With an Explosive Outfit and Announces Important News

Becky G

The singer unleashed the madness of her fans with her risky outfit.

Becky G is one of the most prominent artists of urban music today who has achieved great popularity, thanks to her mastery of scene, talent, and personality.

The American singer spares no resources when it comes to highlighting her charms, and every day she shows it with her shocking publications, in which she usually appears with very risky outfits.

The interpreter of “Mala Santa” is famous for her explosive way of being and for showing her most applauded treasures without filters, which repeatedly makes her fans sigh.   

Recently, Becky G made her own on her Instagram account with a dream postcard in which she wore a very small top and a tulle skirt, all in red, to make an important announcement.

The news is that the video of her song “Losing her head” managed to be in second place as a global trend on the YouTube platform, accumulating millions of views in a very short time.

As expected, the post generated a large number of comments, with which her fans expressed her admiration and did not stop praising the singer of “The answer”.

Becky G’s fame continues to grow like foam, while her fans remain expectant of any appearance of the singer, she enjoys one of the best moments of her career as an artist.