Safety Pin! Shakira Joins the New Fashion Among the Famous … Bye Filters!


She is not the first artist to show herself with her face washed.

Shakira is one of the artists that has been in the music industry for more years, and it is because it has been known to keep in force overtime.

The Colombian singer has one of the most successful careers and also one of the most charismatic personalities.

Not surprisingly, she has almost 65 million followers on her Instagram account, where she does not waste time to publish about her day today.

In one of her latest publications, the 42-year-old artist uploaded a selfie with which she was allowed to see the natural, without a drop of makeup or the application’s own filter.

In the image, entitled “Pink hat under a blue sky”, Shak has collected more than 13 thousand comments praising her face free of “touch-ups.”

The interpreter of “Torture” is not the only celebrity who prefers to bet on naturalness. In December of last year, model Emily Ratajkowski showed outrage after seeing a French magazine modify her image with Photoshop.

With this portrait, Shakira showed that she prefers to show himself as she is, without using filters or editing tools to look more attractive.