Solidarity! the Gesture of Ana Bárbara That Generated Admiration in All Social Networks

Ana Bárbara

The Mexican shared a video on her networks that touched everyone.

Singer Ana Bárbara has made many of her followers cry with emotion after publishing a video that has caused everyone’s admiration on the networks.

Ana Bárbara, with this video, makes it clear that her thing is not only talent and beauty, it is also charisma and a great heart.

This was confirmed when the Mexican opened a space on her agenda to fulfill the dream of a small fan who is not going through a good moment of health.

The lucky one is a girl named “Jas”, and for some time she has been battling an unfortunate illness but since she was very young she has been a faithful follower of the singer.

Jas’s family members went out of their way to fulfill the little girl’s dream and schedule the meeting after she told them she would like to meet the artist.

Through her personal Instagram account, the Mexican published the video of the moment she arrives at the hospital to surprise the girl.

In the clip, Barbara is heard saying “We are here at the moment of getting to know Jas, she is singing, I want you to go to record it and I am already going”, just before entering the room of the little girl who could not contain her emotion to see her.