“What a Good Surgeon”: Kimberly Loaiza Looks Huge Butt and Unleashes Criticism

Kimberly Loaiza

A few days ago Kimberly Loaiza published a snapshot in which she shows off her huge butt and unleashed criticism because they say she has a “good surgeon”

Mexico City.-  The famous Youtuber and now singer,  Kimberly Loaiza, unleashed harsh criticism on social networks after publishing a snapshot in which her butt appears more pronounced than usual.

Through her Instagram account, Juan de Dios Pantoja’s wife shared a photo in which he appears posing on her back while wearing a tight red dress that highlights her colossal rearguard.

Several followers of Kimberly said she has huge attributes because she has a “good surgeon” and others point out that YouTube uses  Photoshop to make some ‘arrangements’.

What a good surgeon. “

It is clear that She edited the photo. “

Photoshop for sure. “

She wants to be a Kardashian, everything copies Kylie. “

Despite criticism, Loaiza’s publication was filled with more than one million 800 thousand  Likes and thousands of comments.

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