Apple Can Use Its Own 5G Antenna On New iPhone Models


5G iPhone smartphones may come with Apple-designed antennas instead of Qualcomm.

The first 5G iPhone models expected to be announced by Apple this fall are expected to take power from the Qualcomm X55 modem. The final claims are that Apple is designing its own 5G antenna and wants to reduce Qualcomm dependency.

Apple, who wants to use his own antenna, seems to have made such a decision due to the size of the Qualcomm QTM525 antenna. It is also known that these chips, which will be used to access the faster version of 5GmmWave technology, are too big for the thin profile of Apple’s next-generation phones. It is certain that the company will consider the iPhone design more when developing its own antenna system. It is important to underline that antennas are very important for mmWave technology. Considering the relatively weak range of ultra-fast wireless technology, 5G phones need to use multiple mmWave antennas for better connectivity.

Of course, it is not certain that Apple will use its own 5G antenna for the 2020 iPhone models. It is also suggested that the company is considering two designs. A thinner design using Apple-made antennas and a thicker design to use Qualcomm-made antennas. If the company uses its own design, Qualcomm will not have to pay royalties. Let us also remind you that Apple incorporates Intel’s smartphone modem section. It should also be noted that it will take time for the company to produce a product.