Batman: Arkham, Reboot Confirmed by a Leaker: The Court of Owls Will Be Present


The Batman: Arkham reboot was confirmed by a well-known leaker, who also spoke of a focus on the Court of Owls, therefore present in the next game.

Batman: Arkham will be the protagonist of a reboot with the next game in the series: leaker Sabi confirmed it, adding that the Court of Owls will be present in the game.

“Now that I’ve talked to several people about it, I can confirm that the new Batman game will be a reboot, ” Sabi wrote on Twitter. “The name has also changed over the course of development. The good news is that the Court of Owls still represents an important part of the project, as I previously reported.”

In fact, it is strange that Warner Bros. decided to make a reboot instead of simply resuming the story of Batman: Arkham Origins, which took place years earlier than the Rocksteady Studios trilogy.

In fact, such a solution would have left some room for maneuver to the developers, but at this point, it is possible that the changes made to the experience will not be the only narrative.

Certainly the presentation of the new Batman: Arkham will take place from here to E3 2020, given that Warner Bros. will be present at the event: the company is among the officially confirmed publishers.