Can Not Be! Shakira Released a New Album … and Nobody Found Out!


A Mexican TV host revealed the secret of the singer.

Although Shakira is one of the most recognized Latin American artists in the world, there are still those who do not know her work so well.

And it is that the Colombian singer began her artistic career in 1991, and from that first moment many things have happened.

She earned worldwide fame, moved out of the country, changed partners, became the mother of two children, and has even dyed her hair a couple of times.

Of this last one they wanted to make reference in the Mexican program “Tell me about it”, but the Internet users realized the moment in which the conductor of the show made a big mistake.

“The black hair was still in the ‘Anthropology’ album and then in ‘Blind, deaf and dumb’ it was made like red dreadlocks that also looked very good,” said Odalys Ramírez in front of the cameras, analyzing the looks of the 42-year-old artist.

Immediately, a twitter user posted the video to comment on the fact that, despite having “right” with the hair colors that the interpreter of “Torture” has worn, she does not own any album titled ‘Anthropology’, but Anthology!

Shakira fans quickly virtualized the peculiar scene, and took the incident gracefully, since anyone can make a mistake.