Empire of Sin Postponed by Romero Games, Here Is the New Release Period


Empire of Sin has been postponed by Romero Games: the game’s release was set for spring, but it has been moved a few months: here is the new publication period.

Empire of Sin has been postponed: the title of Romero Games was to arrive in stores in the spring, but the development team decided to move the ‘ out of the game to autumn 2020.

“As any good smuggler knows, good liquor not it can be produced quickly and the same goes for game development, “the study wrote on Twitter. “That’s why we decided to move the Empire of Sin release to fall 2020.”

“We appreciate the support you have provided us so far and we are confident that you will understand why choosing quality rather than speed is important. After all, everyone knows that you have to be very determined to make it in Chicago. “

Announced at E3 2019, Empire of Sin is a fascinating strategic set in the 1920s Chicago, in full prohibition, and puts us in command of a group of smugglers.

our goal in the game will be to build a veritable criminal empire, challenging other local bosses to eliminate competition and take the city.