Eye to the bulge behind there! Irina Shayk gets more with Photoshop: Photo in bikini!


Irina Shayk has fallen back into Photoshop. Fans of the Russian top model do not understand how to accept campaigns in which they change they’re already in case wonderful figures with digital touches that do not improve.

And it is that in one of her last sessions she has been able to see the Russian with an evident photoshop in the part of her butt, which looks much more uploaded from the account, something that has not gone unnoticed for her followers.

The image of Irina Shayk is once again in doubt for the use of photoshop, and that is already the third time she has been harmed by it.

In 2017 she was cheeky

Three years ago, Irina Shayk’s most beast photoshop. At that time the pregnancy was deleted from above in a curious session that was quite expensive in terms of public image.

Her own fans were revealed against her with comments like this:  “It is clear that they have erased her pregnancy with photoshop, how sad .” A blow that cost him a lot to recover.

A different Valentine

Irina Shayk had not lived a Valentine like this 2020 in which she has been single. And it was years that she was not on such a designated date without a partner or directly married.

The Russian top model could be seen in the streets of New York with her daughter Lea on this Valentine’s Day with no more male escort than her bodyguards.