FIFA 20, a Japanese Boy Flies 6000 Miles for His Favorite Serie D


A Japanese FIFA 20 enthusiast has flown 6000 miles to meet his favorite team that plays in a league that is comparable to the English Serie D.

Japanese boy who is passionate about FIFA 20’s managerial mode has flown 6000 miles to meet his favorite team, Stockport County. Except that it is not a first- or second-tier team, but a team that plays in a division that is comparable to our Series D.

The curious story of Akito Aoki, a Japanese player from EA Sports FIFA, begins about 8-9 years ago when Stockport County he was part of the teams that fought between the English professional divisions. A position that guaranteed her to be present in the FIFA of those years. For this reason, Aoki chose her in managerial mode and helped her make her way through the English divisions until the Premier League victory. Obviously virtual.

From that strange encounter, true love was born. Akito Aoki has become a real fan of a team that has slowly sunk into the quagmire of the English minor series, disappearing not only from football radars but also from the showcase that FIFA 20 could give him. Despite this, the Japanese boy has not lost his passion and has recently taken a plane, he has flown 6000 miles to reach his idols and local fans in the heart of England.

A strange journey, which obviously jumped to the headlines for the way love was born and above all for the object of love. Not Manchester City or Arsenal. Not even the historians Derby County or Leeds, but Stockport County, a team that this year plays in the National League, the first amateur division of England. A bit like our Serie D.

Have you ever done more than 5 minutes by car to see a Chieti-Montegiorgio or a Borgosesia-Ghivizzano?

Who knows if the will bring forth similar stories.