Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Space Occupied by the Monstrous Installation

Apparently the space occupied by the installation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be really monstrous, at least according to what emerged.

The installation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake could take up a truly monstrous amount of space on the PS4 hard drive. There is talk of more than 100GB at launch, a figure destined to rise with subsequent updates. The data was taken from a photo taken on the back of the Japanese cover of the game ended online.

As it is known Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be distributed on two Blu-Ray, so it is not surprising that it takes up so much space. Evidently Square Enix has decided not to save on the resources used, leaving everything of the highest quality possible.

As always in these cases, our advice is to buy an external hard drive or to free up some space from the PS4 hard disk by removing all those games that maybe haven’t started for months or even years.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not the first game to install such a huge amount of data. Even titles like Gears 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, to name two more, have very high requirements.

Before leaving, we remind you that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an exclusive storm for PlayStation consoles. After a year it will be possible to play on other systems.