First Manned Aerobatic Drone Flew! Here Are Those Moments


The drone has been in our lives for a long time.  These tiny devices come across in many areas from drone races to drone photo contests or filming. The big, big ones gradually became visible. Here, the aerobatic drone, which is flown in Croatia, is accompanied by its humanity. At the end of the news, you can watch the video about the first manned acrobatic drone.

The first manned aerobatic drone in the world takes flight

It is stated that this device, which is the first humanized acrobatic drone in the world, performs very good roll-ups and sudden left and right turns. After the first tests of the big drone at a closed facility in Germany, the first open-air flights were made a few days ago in Vrsar, Croatia.

This aerobatic drone produced by Drone Champions AG looks quite different. The company’s CEO,  Herbert Weirather, switched to the one-seat drone and drove the former Drone Champions League champion, Mirko Cesena drone.

Aiming to create a new racing experience for future people, the company successfully drove the world’s first manned aerobatic drone. In fact, this demonstration made to promote a game played as DLC seems to have reached its goal. The game aims to provide users with a high-speed flight experience under their own walls. In multiplayer mode, participants can challenge up to 30 drone pilots from anywhere in the world. If you can make really good results here, you can qualify for real drone racing.

It should be noted that the team called the ” big drone” for the drone in question. Offering a remarkable show with extreme maneuvers and somersaults in the sky, the team also took this video.

We leave below the short video of the big drone with its breathtaking abilities.