Fortnite, Ninja Misses the First Map


Ninja explained why he misses the first map of Fortnite, the one that started the whole phenomenon that saw him, protagonist.

While Epic Games is about to launch the second season of Fortnite chapter 2, Tyler ‘ Ninja ‘ Blevins wanted to explain why he misses the first map, the one that gave rise to the game phenomenon of the last few years.

Probably the Season 2 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite will continue to evolve the new map. Ninja is one of those who appreciated it, but this does not prevent that there is also space for the original map in his heart. This is why he wanted to explain why he misses it.

Ninja: “I believe there are so many beautiful things from the first map that many of you would like to get back. For example Tilted. Tilted, all the buildings, practically everything that made up the first chapter. I miss him so much. 

Note that Tilted didn’t exist in the very first version of the map, but it’s a place introduced with Season 3 of Chapter 1.” We are forgetting about all the beautiful things that happened on the first map, “added Ninja” like the cube (Kevin ed) “

Obviously it is normal to feel nostalgia for something that has given us so many emotions, such as the first map of Fortnite, in the case of Ninja. Perhaps over the years Epic Games will create a legacy mode and allow you to replay all the maps that have taken place during the Seasons, so as to allow an old Ninja to tell his children and grandchildren about his game achievements.