Jimena Sánchez recorded by a drone! Watch the video: On your back and in a bikini!


Jimena Sánchez had not been seen on social media for a few days and has returned forcefully with five publications in just two days. And is that the presenter of Fox Sports knows that this does not stop.

And in addition, her return has been with content that her fans liked a lot since she has put some very summery images. One of the publications has been a video recorded by a drone of the most spectacular.

In this recording, Jimena Sánchez appears in a swimming pool in a swimsuit on her back and sunbathing while the drone begins to rise and rise until the Mexican is barely seen.

A most curious bikini

And there did not end the exhibition of a Jimena Sánchez who opted to hang more images of her in a bikini. That new consignment was with three images embedded in a most curious leopard swimsuit.

The publications have had very good acceptance by their followers who know that the good weather is approaching and Jimena Sánchez is already starting her particular bikinis show.

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Roarr ?

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Weekend ?

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Following Yanet García

It seems that Jimena Sánchez is responding to the images that her “arch-rival” hangs on social media with her own currency since this week it was Yanet García who had opted to show herself in a bikini.

Jimena Sánchez has responded in mass with five publications for the pleasure of her fans.