Kehlani Announces Her Separation From YG in Song [Sound]


Kehlani and YG have separated. The 24-year-old singer has chosen to announce their breakup in a new single, Valentine’s Day (Shameful) …

Appearances can be deceiving. They had formalized their relationship in September during New York Fashion Week, everything seemed to be going well when the stories of the infidelity of the rapper from Compton began to multiply. However their relationship continued, and recently YG displayed a Kehlani tattoo on her wrist (Kehlani would have the rapper’s first name, Keenon, tattooed). For Valentine’s Day, this February 14th, YG had even published a new song in collaboration with his girlfriend, Kehlani, on Hail Mary’s sample of 2Pac, Konclusions, as if everything was going well for them… For their part, other famous couples displayed their happiness as a couple on social networks, such as Future and Lori HarveyQuavo and Saweetie, or Jhené Aiko and Big Sean who spent their Valentine’s Day at Disneyland.

YG feat. Kehlani – Konclusions:

Heartbroken kehlani

After the YG Konclusions , 2 days later, this Sunday, February 16, it was, therefore, Kehlani who chose to publish a new track. Simply titled Valentine’s Day (Shameful) for Saint-Valentin (Shameful) , the message is clear: she and YG have broken up, and she explains it in the song. Several times humiliated, heartbroken, she realized that she would live better without him. “I have to correct my mistakes / Excuse me for having loved you […] I just took a risk in loving you powerfully / In defending you proudly / I ignored all the signs / Yeah, that’s right / And my immaturity made me believe that I could make him understand / That you could find yourself alone. ” She adds:“You played the hero but you were the bad guy”, then “ You used me for your status, your reputation and fame / It’s completely crazy what they are capable of doing for fame…”

In her song, Kehlani defends her role with the 29-year-old rapper, who regularly displays her anti-Trump position: “I helped you with your fight against your addictions, and so that you completely change your life just so that you play me at the end. ” Then she admits that her lies hurt her: “In truth, I was completely lost from that moment .”

In conclusion, Kehlani sings that she will not back down. “I hope you will live happily ever after your adventure with this whore […] I didn’t find out soon enough that you were unfaithful / Damn, you make me so ashamed / So ashamed / You are a fucking ingrate. ” Here is what is said!

Kehlani – Valentine’s Day (Shameful):