League of Legends, 79% of Players Were Annoyed After the End of a Match

League of Legends

A recent poll of League of Legends players found that 79% of them were annoyed after the end of a match.

A recent poll of League of Legends players found that 79% of them were annoyed after the end of a match. A very high figure, which highlights the unpleasant features of this large gaming community.

Some even take help by getting LOL smurf accounts to get an advantage in the game.

The reputation of the community of League of Legends, unfortunately, is well known, but still surprising that as many as 79% of the 3,784 players surveyed have stated that harassment continued even after the end of the game. Among these harassments, there are insults, constant requests for friendship and, if you are a player, also sexual harassment.

A 360 ° toxic community.

These statistics emerged thanks to the user of Reddit Canaria, who conducted a survey during the month of January 2020 among some of the largest League of Legends Reddit communities. The survey doesn’t stop with harassment but talks about lifestyle, game style and many other things related to Riot Games’ popular MOBA. The sample is 3,784 respondents, nothing compared to the 80 million League of Legends players, but the number involved in the survey is large enough to give an insight into the game.

The infographic, which you can find at this address, is definitely complete and well made and allows you to have several interesting information, such as the fact that the LoL players who attend Reddit are for the most part veterans who gravitate between the Gold and Platinum ranks.

If 98% of those interviewed admit that they insulted or were insulted during a game, something “normal” while you are in the grip of adrenaline, it is much more annoying than these behaviors continued beyond the end of the match. Furthermore, 46% have suffered annoying behavior more than once.

Moreover, as many as 32% of the women were also harassed with sexual allusions. One in three girls. It is surprising, however, that among the girls there are also most of the people who have never had problems: 24% compared to 19% of male colleagues. Will it be linked to less aggression by women?

The harassment problem Riot Games employees have had even in the workplace, not just in the game.

The infographic digs deep into these statistics, so we advise you to give it a more in-depth reading. Even if a particularly comforting picture does not emerge. Have you also had this kind of problem online?