Metroid Prime 4, Retro Studios Hires Veterans of Eternal Darkness 2 and New Super Lucky’s Tale


Retro Studios, the Metroid Prime 4 studio, hires two industry veterans who have worked on games such as Eternal Darkness 2 and New Super Lucky’s Tale.

Big maneuvers in the studio that is developing Metroid Prime 4. In fact, Retro Studios has hired two veterans of the sector: James Beech worked on Eternal Darkness 2, while Mark Capers worked on New Super Lucky’s Tale.

These assumptions are yet another for a study that in theory should not be particularly active, having “only” Metroid Prime 4 in development. Without considering that after resetting the Metroid Prime 4 jobs and using an external development team for the scenarios, the work shouldn’t be that much.

Yet in recent weeks many veterans have been hired or returned to home base. We are talking about the art director of Battlefield 5 and Mirror’s Edge, the lead designer of Donkey Kong Country Returns and the creator of the Halo characters.

To these is added Mark Capers, famous for being the designer of Epic Mickey 1 & 2 and for working for Playful Studio at New Super Lucky’s Tale. At Retro Studios, he will once again find Stephen Dupree currently lead designer of the studio.

The second new entry is James Beech, an experienced designer who has worked on Crysis 3DC Universe Online and even Eternal Darkness 2, the sequel to the exclusive GameCube in development at Silicon Knights then canceled.

Both Beech and Capers will play the role of ambientdesigners.

We can’t wait to find out which projects the two will work on and above all to see something more than the new Metroid Prime 4.