Microsoft Office Apps Merge for Android

The new Office application, announced in November 2019, was finally released to Android users in beta. Microsoft Office applications are gathered under one roof for Android. Now, when entered into the application, Excel, Word and Powerpoint will be in one place.

Microsoft Office apps for Android

In the Android ecosystem, Office applications could be downloaded separately. Later, Microsoft decided to gather all applications under one roof. Microsoft Office apps will be together for Android now. Downloaders of the new Office app on the Google Play Store will have access to all three apps at once. However, the three apps are still available separately on the Google Play Store for now. It is not known for how long these applications will remain in the application market. Another curious issue is whether the application will come to iOS. For now, there is no explanation from the Microsoft front about this issue.

Along with the new application, the fast note-taking feature, which integrates with Sticky Notes in Windows 10, is also offered to users. There is also the ability to scan text from images, including spreadsheets. Users of the application can read and sign PDFs.



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