Nintendo Switch Lite, Coral Variant Arriving in Japan


Nintendo has announced the arrival in Japan of the Coral variant of Nintendo Switch Lite, which is a new coloration of the only portable version of the console.

Nintendo has announced that from March 20, 2020, the Coral variant of Nintendo Switch Lite will be available in Japan, which is a new color of the only portable version of the console. Like the others, it will cost 19,980 yen and will join the variants already on the market for some time: turquoise, gray and yellow.

The Coral variant of Nintendo Switch Lite will be bookable from March 7, 2020. Unfortunately, the arrival in the West has not yet been announced, although it is likely that we will also be able to buy it in our parts, sooner or later.

Nintendo is not new to offer variants of its consoles unrelated to bundles and special initiatives. Indeed, it is a practice that has been going on regularly for years, especially in the portable field. Nintendo Switch Lite is the only portable version of Nintendo Switch, designed for those who want to use the console only on the move. It is compatible with almost all Nintendo Switch games and has a slightly lower price than the standard version of the console.