Over 500 Malicious Chrome Plugins Detected


Malware has been discovered in research on Chrome plugins. When you go deeper, the number of these software exceeds 500.

Researchers have revealed that over 500 extensions downloaded millions of times from the Chrome Web Store have stolen secret browsing data and secretly uploaded it to servers. These extensions turned out to be part of a long-standing malicious ad and fraud plan.

Researchers from Duo Security have identified 71 Chrome extensions with over 1.7 million downloads after long efforts. After reporting these findings privately to Google, the company detected more than 430 additional extensions. Standing on the subject, Google has removed all known extensions from the store ever since.

Every Chrome user necessarily uses few or many plugins. The majority of these plugins are developed to make our lives easier, but not everything is as it seems. The said extensions are mostly offered for download as utilities that block various promotions and advertisements.

According to the published report, these plugins work with routing logic. In other words, while you want to get rid of advertisements, you are actually directed to different pages and you become a part of this job. It is also stated that user data and browser history are transferred to the servers in this system.

As the researches on this issue increase, the number of harmful additions detected is likely to increase. If you want to browse the identified malicious sites and plugins, you can click this link.