Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch? Atlus Recommends Continuing to Fight For


Atlus advised continuing fighting for Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch, which could come sooner or later.

Atlus advised to continue fighting, that is to ask, to have Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch. The topic came up during the presentation of Persona 5 Royal to the press. Tom Marks of IGN asked Ari Advincula, the Atlus Communications Manager, about the arrival of the game on Switch, who replied directly: ” I strongly believe in the motto ‘never give up hope’. “

For Advincula the only way to get what you want is to make it understood by saying it: ” If you don’t let us know what you want, we will never be able to do it. ” Atlus always listens to his fans and if you want Persona 5 on Nintendo Switch you have to give voice to your desires. She will be the spokesperson for all the requests from the players while admitting that she has no say in the final decision of the leaders of the Atlus. In short, we must continue to fight until we get what we want.

For now, however, Persona 5, including the Royal version, remains an exclusive title for PS4. The latter version will arrive in the West on March 31, 2020, censored in some sequences considered homophobic.