PlayStation 5 Will Come With Advanced Cooling Solutions


In a new report published, it was stated that more budget will be allocated for the cooling solution and this problem will be solved on PlayStation 5.

We cannot say that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro are very successful in cooling. Users complained that the consoles were overheating and running noisily in their complaints. Especially in heavy games, the situation became more serious and external coolers were being sold to prevent this. Sony seems to have acknowledged this problem and is confident that it will not repeat on the PlayStation 5 console.

In a new report published in Bloomberg, it was stated that improvement was made in the PlayStation 5 cooling system in order to avoid problems with Sony’s heat dissipation. Console manufacturers usually allocate low budgets per chip due to cost in the cooling system.

“We need to keep the PlayStation 5’s material list under control and we need to use the right number of components in the first production,” said Hero’s Totoki, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer.

Also in the report, “Typically, companies spend less than $ 1. However, Sony chose to be more generous to make sure that there is no problem with heat dissipation from the powerful chips on the console. ” His words were included. This issue costs are also increasing and the exit price of the new console is said to be around $ 450-470.

In addition, it is stated that the ongoing coronavirus epidemic has no effect on PlayStation 5 production. Sony opened the PS5 official site, and there were leaks that the pre-order would begin on March 5th. In recent years when the games have gone to a huge extent, the storage unit has gained importance. In this context, we expect the new PS5 to come with 2 TB of storage.