PS5 Could Be Sony’s Latest Console, Due to the Cloud


PS5 could be Sony’s latest console, at least according to those who see the true future of the video game industry in cloud gaming.

PS5 could be the ‘ last console of Sony. To give the hit thanks to the gaming hardware market as we know it could be the cloud infrastructures of Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, which will soon make the concept of console obsolete, or simply niche. This at least according to the analysis of CCN journalist Harsh Chauhan, who outlined the context that could mark the end of the gaming hardware market.

According to Chauhan, PS5 could start at a disadvantage already from the higher price than that of PS4, resulting in less attractive to a large portion of consumers. With a slower than an expected startup, Sony would risk a lot because it does not have the same strength as the competitors on the field cloud, due to its dominant position on the market during the current generation, which has made it more cautious in embracing these new technologies.

Microsoft and those who have activated themselves before or who have simply been more determined in the field of cloud services have been working for years to bring triple-A quality video games to mobile at affordable prices. If they succeeded, their user base would grow enormously (we are talking about 3.5 billion devices). Consider that Sony, in this case, should not face only the house of Redmond, but also Google, which seems to want to launch a free version of Stadia, and Amazon, which also seems ready to take the field with all the firepower of its cloud infrastructure.

Obviously, Harsh Chauhan’s analysis should be taken not as a tombstone for Sony, which is actually alive and well and definitely in shape, but as a possible scenario in case the cloud really asserted itself in the coming years as analysts believe. Be that as it may, what will really happen only time will tell.