PS5, Will the New Sony Console Be Revealed by the End of April 2020?


The PS5 will be revealed by the end of April 2020, as reported in the Bloomberg article in which the production costs of the new console were discussed.

PS5 will be the protagonist of an official reveal by the end of April 2020, according to Bloomberg’s report which spoke of the production costs of the new Sony console.

Specifically, the article speaks of some pressure within the Japanese company, in particular by CFO Hiroki Totoki, because new information on PS5 will be released soon.

However, it seems that the guidelines for the new fiscal year of Sony do not see the presence of variations between now and March 31, 2020, which could precisely indicate the month of April as a possible period for the reveal of the console.

If these hypotheses should be confirmed, we would be faced with a very different situation compared to the various rumors that spoke of a reveal in February or at the latest in March, dictated perhaps by the question of the aforementioned production costs.

However, if Sony is really waiting for Microsoft to move first, making the price of the Xbox Series X official, then it is possible that the times will expand even more.