Robot Dog Spot was rickshaw driver

Robot Dog Rickshaw | Youtube

Recently, Adam Savage had prepared a tough track for the robot dog Spot and made him sweat so to speak. Now, the Boston Dynamics robot that we encounter is a rickshaw driver.

As you know, Adam Savage, one of the former servers of the famous Mythbusters, recently bought the Spot, which can be called the robot dog of Boston Dynamics, and put him to the test. Spot’s work, which has gone through difficult tests, does not seem to be over here. Savage again made his different style, turning Spot into a mini rickshaw driver.

Robot dog takes on the task of spot squeegee

Despite its spot size, it is seen as a very powerful and capable robotAdam Savage, on the other hand, tries to prove how hard Spot’s limits can be. The testing phase of Boston Dynamics ‘ robots is unique to them, so Savage’s test methods are unique to him.

Spot had actually experienced crawling, jumping and climbing high places and many experiences in the video, which was last passed. Now, Savage uses it to act as a mini rickshaw. Let’s not go without saying here, we say squeegee, but Spot can carry a total of 14 pounds for now. In other words, it cannot carry heavy loads with its current installed system, but it has the power to carry simple equipment such as cargo or in factories.

Nevertheless, the surprising performance of the robot, which can carry a person, is understood from the reactions of Savage.

This rickshaw design, which refers to Japanese culture, looks quite interesting. Spot successfully passes this test. The rickshaw, which connects to the Spot, moves with Savage’s ride and manages to pass the tough test of the robot dog Spot Savage again.

Here are the fun and watching video we add below for you