Scandalous photos! That’s how it was and this was Scarlett Johanson before Hollywood


Scarlett Johansson was again at the gates of success at the Oscar Awards Gala when her role in ‘Stories of a Marriage’ was again without an award, something that had already happened in the Golden Globes and on the red carpet returned to beat the same Renee Zellweger that is confirmed with the movie Judy as one of the great actresses of recent years.

And it is that the actress of New York continues leaving empty in the great prizes and hopes to confirm the words of Woody Allen towards her a few years ago when she said that she would be one of the best actresses in history, for now she still has a long way.

From cabaret to cinema

Before being a star on the big screen, Scarlett Johansson made a living in the bars, where she did shows and sang, something that helped her to win boards for her future career in the world of cinema.

In recent weeks, several of the images of the New Yorker have appeared on social media in the most varied performances at the beginning.

Netflix does not give up

‘Stories of a marriage’ ended up being the great failed Oscar night with only one award for best-supporting actress for Laura Dern and nothing more after having a multitude of nominations. 

However, it seems that they will trust Scarlett Johansson again, with whom they already have another project about to be launched by 2021.