Sony PlayStation VR 2 Might Be Under Development


A new PlayStation VR 2 virtual reality headset can be introduced after PlayStation 5.

Sony ‘s PlayStation 5 (PS5) for a new PlayStation VR (PSV) virtual reality title was claimed to be working on. It is already known that the current model will work with PS5. It was previously announced that the new console will be compatible with PS4 software thanks to backward compatibilityThe new model, which is expected to come as PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2), is said to be released sometime after the release of the PS5.

There is currently no information on whether the new model will offer a completely new model or minor hardware upgrades. It ‘s also important to note that Sony has released a revised model in 2017, offering CUH-ZVR2 better headphone cable management, thinner connecting cable and an updated processor box with HDR transition support. Let us also remind you that the original title offers a resolution of 1080 × 960 pixels per eye and a 100-degree viewing angle. On the other hand, these technical data are quite low compared to PC-powered models.

Sony has so far sold 5 million virtual reality titles. He also offered several special games for this equipment. It is thought that after a stronger new title, more developers will be encouraged to support the platform.