StarCraft: Ghost

Starcraft: Ghost, Stolen Gameplay Footage Surfaced Online

Some gameplay footage of StarCraft: Ghost, Activision Blizzard’s StarCraft-themed action canceled many years ago, emerged online.

Various materials regarding StarCraft have emerged online: Ghost, the StarCraft-themed action of Blizzard Entertainment for PS2 and Xbox, highly anticipated for years by fans until the definitive cancellation, apparently occurred for quality reasons.

Of three videos uploaded to YouTube, only one remained visible, the one you find at the top of the news, apparently taken from the Xbox version of StarCraft: Ghost. In fact, it may not be for long, so you should hurry up and look at it. It is a 720p movie showing a few minutes of gameplay, evidently not very refined. Not surprisingly, this is so since development has never been completed.

The origin of the materials is unknown, in the sense that it is not known how they were found. It is suspected that someone bought an old devkit that contained them or that they were stolen by ex Blizzard.

StarCraft: Ghost was announced in 2002, during the Tokyo Game Show, and was canceled in 2006. Confirmation of the cancellation came much later, which is in 2014, to works by the then president of Blizzard Mike Morhaime.

As we said the gameplay footage emerged were three, but two have been removed, so it doesn’t make much sense to publish them. Instead, the images published on Twitter by Andrew Borman of The Strong National Museum of Play, which deals with preserving video games, remained visible.

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