Tesla’s Culprit, Apple Engineer?


Although Tesla’s autopilot is almost unbeatable when compared to other vehicles, it continues to be discussed. The controversy flared up in March 2018 after a person named Walter Huang died with the Tesla vehicle.

However, the vehicle driver seems guilty, according to the latest reports. According to the report published by the National Transportation Safety Board, Huang’s auto-pilot vehicle with a speed of 113 km/h hit the region that separates the two roads by mixing the lanes while approaching a left desert exit on Highway 101.

Was Apple engineer playing in Tesla crash?

Although everything seems normal up to now, it was found in the vehicle’s review that Huang had previously passed through the same spot on highway 101, noticed the glitch and took control by holding the steering wheel.

Whilst Huang was unable to convey this issue to Tesla, it remains unknown, being an Apple engineer revealed an important detail. It was learned that Apple gave two phones to Huang for testing and recorded all the usage data of these phones. On top of that, NTSB requested data from Apple. As a result of the investigation, Huang was found to be a strict Three Kingdoms player.

Huang With iPhone 8 Plus, it was determined that he played Total War: Three Kingdoms just before the accident. However, it remains to be determined whether he was still playing or interfering with the accident due to the game.