The shocking belly of Selena Gomez in a swimsuit when you take her Photoshop


Selena Gomez has been sexier than ever in the last month with the publication of an interview of her in Dazed magazine that has been accompanied by a most daring photoshoot. 

In addition, we have been able to see it in several public appearances with models of the tightest or low cut so we understand that Selena Gomez has decided to give a change in her life to be more visually aggressive.

And it is that her image has always marked her moods a lot and it seems that she now wants to take control of her life in its most powerful version.

An image chases you

A year ago an image that bothered Selena Gomez a lot and that is that the Texas singer was caught on a paradise beach with a physical condition that was highly questioned.

Especially for a belly that looked in a strange way. In fact, she even doubted that she was pregnant, something that caused the American singer to decide to make a major change.

Justin Bieber and his confession

Selena Gomez felt emotionally attacked by Justin Bieber when they ended their relationship and a few days ago the Canadian singer wanted to confess that she warned him that he could not be faithful because he loved Hailey Baldwin.

This was explained by the singer: “I said, ‘Look, I’m still hurt and try to find my way. I’m not ready to make you a promise … I just don’t want to tell you something and end up doing the opposite. ‘ I was at a time where I had lived that before and I wanted to be as honest as possible with her, it was like ‘I am not in a place where I can be truly faithful’ ”