The USA Is Preparing a New Obstacle for Huawei!


The United States has been struggling with many Chinese technology companies, especially Huawei, since last year. The main reason for this is the commercial tension between China and the USA. The Trump administration often finds its way into the technology agenda with spying claims about Huawei. Finally, Huawei and TSMC relationship will be targeted.

Huawei and TSMC interfere with the relationship

TSMC is one of the largest processor manufacturers in the world. One of the brands that the company supplies processors are Huawei. However, the US has stared at this relationship. According to the latest reports, the Trump administration will make new arrangements that will prevent TSMC from sending the processor to Huawei.

New restrictions on Huawei and therefore China will be on the table at new high-level meetings. According to Reuters’ sources, it is said that a proposal for processor supply was prepared to be discussed at the meetings. In addition, another source said, “The aim of the USA to make this move is to” leave no processor that Huawei can control “.

Any step in the relationship between Huawei and TSMC can hit both companies.

Huawei is at the heart of the technological domination war between the USA and China. The US claims that the equipment can be used by China for espionage. However, these claims have always been rejected by Huawei. In addition, the US has not been able to prove anything to support its claims.

Targeting the global processor sales to Huawei, US authorities want to directly change the foreign product rule in this context. As part of the draft proposal, the U.S. government will pave the way for foreign companies using U.S. processor construction equipment to obtain U.S. licenses before supplying CPU to Huawei.