Warface, Surprise Release on Nintendo Switch


The free-to-play shooter Warface was published in surprise on Nintendo Switch, where it is freely downloadable.

Warface, the free-to-play shooter originally developed by Crytek and already available for a multitude of platforms, was launched on Nintendo Switch by surprise and is therefore freely downloadable from Nintendo eShop. By ‘surprise’ we mean that the launch took place without major ceremonies and without any prior communication.

Warface for Nintendo Switch was first released in Australia, so it reached all other areas of the globe. The game is currently composed of more than 50 multiplayer maps that host different PvP and PvE modes. Let’s read the details taken from the official description of the game:

Warface is a modern MMO first-person shooter with millions of fans around the world. It offers intense PvP modes, exciting PvE missions and confrontable assaults with four different classes and a vast customizable arsenal.

Intense PvP
More than ten multiplayer modes with dozens of maps, from the great classic shooters to innovative experiments. Additionally, an elaborate ranked match system with unique rewards awaits our heroes.

Exciting PvE
Play with your friends on intense online missions or try your hand at total assaults with multiple difficulty levels and epic loot.

Different classes
Rifleman, Doctor, Engineer, and Sniper at your service. Penetrate enemy defenses with heavy machine guns, revive your teammates, place mines in the corridors or take out the enemies with precise shots: you decide which strategy to adopt!

Vast customizable arsenal
Hundreds of customizable weapons with sights, grips, trumpets and camouflages to get the best performance based on your preferences.