Xbox Series X at E3 2020, an Update From Phil Spencer


Xbox chief Phil Spencer gave a small update on the presence of Xbox Series X at E3 2020, revealing what we can expect.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer gave a small update on what to expect for Xbox Series X at E3 2020. According to what he reported on Twitter, Microsoft held a meeting on February 15 to plan his next moves, during which he and his team talked about some of the games that could be shown or announced during the event.

According to Spencer, there will be a very rich portfolio of Xbox Game Studios titles at E3 2020. Unfortunately, he hasn’t mentioned one, so we grope in the dark. The good Phil also recalled that the years of the launch of the new consoles are special, obviously with reference to the Xbox Series X, without adding anything else.

Leading the Xbox planning team for the coming months is marketing veteran Aaron Greenberg, a well-known name from Microsoft. Greenberg on his own has not revealed anything about the Xbox E3 2020, but in a tweet, he hinted that Microsoft may have entered into an agreement with Taco Bell for a still-secret initiative. This is not actually unpublished, because in the past Microsoft and Taco Bell had collaborated on a joint promotion involving tacos and Xbox.

For the rest, we remind you that E3 2020 will take place as usual in June in Los AngelesMicrosoft and Nintendo confirmed their presence at the fair while Sony has decided to desert it again this year, despite the launch of PS5.