‘Amazing Stories’: Steven Spielberg series trailer for Apple TV+


It seems that the launch of the streaming platform of the Apple company has not caused all the feeling that those involved would have wanted. Instead, Apple TV + still has some bullets in the bedroom and Steven Spielberg’s name is one of them.

Since the company of the bitten apple announced that the mythical director would be one of its main allies, audiovisual followers have been waiting for the arrival of a series with its seal. Now, ‘ Amazing Stories ‘ has presented its first trailer and arrives with all the characteristic ingredients of Spielberg, nostalgia and fantastic television of the 80s.

The director of ‘ Tiburon ‘ will be the executive producer of the series and his personal producer (Amblin Entertainment) has been responsible for raising the project. In addition, ‘Amazing Stories’ serves as a revival of the 1985 series that NBC issued in its day and this anthology will follow the same steps that its predecessor did in its day. In the released footage, we can glimpse the look that will have the five stories that will make up the new season (including the chapter that will feature posthumously with Robert Forster ).

Premiere chain

‘Amazing Stories’ will arrive on Apple TV + on March 6, but it is not the only premiere that prepares the platform: The new series of Chris Evans (‘ Defending Jacob ‘) is set to premiere on April 24; ‘ Home Before Dark ‘, with Jim Sturgess in his cast, is a mystery drama that will premiere on April 3 of this year; and finally, the comedy ‘Trying’ will arrive on Apple TV + on May 1.