Capcom Vs, New Episode: The Voice Actor of v Retracts His Statements


Is there a new Capcom VS in production? V voice actor Brian Halfords has returned to his recent claims to retract them and deny everything.

Capcom VS. he may return with a new episode, but the voice actor of V has retracted the recent statements that suggested his participation in the project.

Brian Hadfords had in fact written on Twitter that he was very busy for the next Capcom VS. , also talking about new unusual characters and letting imagine the presence of V from Devil May Cry 5.

However, as you know, any such project is covered by a non-disclosure agreement, for NDA friends, which prohibits those who worked on it from talking about it before a certain date and/or formalization.

In short, it is possible that Halfords indulged in those statements, then retracted them in a not very convincing way. Or that it went exactly as explained below.

The voice actor of V has in fact written that he is not aware of any new Capcom game or its contents and that the tweet had been published by a simple fan, in response to an image of the Capcom characters published on Instagram.