Controversial video: Piqué grabs Shakira’s defeat in public and she reacts like this


The charismatic and acclaimed Spanish footballer did not repair and acted without thinking, for his misfortune the photographers also did not think much, later he would lament.

The famous and world-famous Colombian singer is par excellence a favorite target for the cameras, not even on her last vacation, she could save herself from being captured at an embarrassing moment. 

For some enthusiasts, things between the popular couple were not going well, or at least they thought until they saw the player have the audacity to take Shakira in this personal way, in full view of everyone.

The last vacation was destined for some Pacific island, where a few days of sun and beach would help replenish the forces to return to the exhausting world of entertainment. 

During the couple’s vacations, there were a couple of occasions where Piqué was captured in photography and video by touching and grabbing Shakira’s canopy no matter if they saw him. 

Indeed it was what happened, within a few minutes thousands of people shared the event in their networks, causing a scandal around the couple’s quiet vacation.