Dragon Ball FighterZ, Kefla and the News of Pass 3: All the Details


Dragon Ball FighterZ will see the arrival of Kefla and several new features to coincide with the launch of Pass 3: here are all the details.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will see the debut of Kefla and several new features to coincide with the launch of Pass 3, set for February 26th.

Here are all the details, from Kefla’s special moves to the new battle system, finally passing through the renewed training mode.


  • Special Attacks: Fast Cannon Ball, Gigantic Breaker.
  • Super Special Attack: Gigantic Ray – Hit the opponent with a volley of Ki bullets in mid-air.
  • Meteor Attack: Gigantic Boost.

New Battle System

  • Z Assist Selection: allows players to select the Attack Assist of the character, each has three different ones to choose from.
  • Super Power Limit Break: when only one character is left, the indicator turns golden and automatically offers an attack power boost. It can be used together with Sparking.

Training Mode

  • The characters make their appearance as masters who teach you how to fight. Plus, completing assignments will earn you rewards.