Fallout 4: New Vegas, New Images Showcase the Quality of the Mod


New images of Fallout 4: New Vegas showcase the quality of this mod created to exploit the potential of the Creation Engine.

Fallout 4: New Vegas is shown in a whole series of new images that highlight the quality of this mod.

For the uninitiated, this project aims to recreate the entire Fallout: New Vegas by taking advantage of the new capabilities of the Creation Engine, or the graphics engine of Fallout 4. The project wants to be as faithful as possible to the original as far as the story, the map and the characters are concerned but also wants to try to propose something new in terms of gameplay, in order to make the game more modern.

Perhaps even more modern than Fallout 76, although The Wastlanders expansion is about to arrive.

At the moment the team is concentrating on recreating the original game and only later will it also adapt the Fallout: New Vegas DLC.

From what can be seen so far, the work done seems excellent. On the one hand, we have complete fidelity to the style and colors of the Obsidian game, on the other hand, we notice several particle effects and details that were not present in the original version of New Vegas.

At this address, you can find the official website with all the details on the project and some more information on what will come in the near future. There is also a section for asking to join the development team, in case you have any programming skills.

We, therefore, leave you with the new images and the initial sequence of Fallout 4: New Vegas.