Final Fantasy 7 Remake “Even Exceeds My Expectations,” for Yoshinori Kitase


Final Fantasy 7 Remake “even exceeds my expectations.” Game producer Yoshinori Kitase confessed it in a recent interview.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake “even exceeds my expectations .” Game producer Yoshinori Kitase confessed this in a recent interview with PlayStation Magazine.

A rather bombastic statement, especially considering the budget available, the time spent on the development and the basic material of the project. Observing, however, all the information and images that emerge from the game, it is not difficult to understand the reason for such enthusiasm. From the opening movie of Final Fantasy 7 Remake onwards everything seems to have been done with every chrism.

Now that over 20 years have passed since the release of the original, the producer Yoshinori Kitase is ready to publish his game for the second time. An ambitious project, which was carried out by an interesting mix of developers who worked on the original PS1 game and others who grew up playing it. “As a result, the game that is about to be born also exceeds my expectations, although I am the one who wanted to create it first. In fact, I may also be the one who wants to play more of this game right now,” he said.

A thought shared also by one of the veterans who work in the FF7 Remake team. Motomu Toriyama he is the co-director of the project and said that “the thoughts and emotions that I had when we were developing the original returned to the surface and, at the same time, I faced the challenge trying to exploit the new methods of expression that I have acquired now that I have experience. “

Now, in fact, it is possible to do things that at the time were not even imaginable: “When we redid the Honey-Bee Inn at the Wall Market, we created it as an entertainment pantheon. Something that could not be done at the era, and here it will be possible to see the scene that many of you have been looking forward to, the one in which Cloud masks himself “in a completely new way.

The first chapter of Final Fantasy 7 Remake it will only take us to Midgar. Square Enix has already confirmed that the second part is under development. The first chapter will be released in April for PlayStation 4.