Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Summon Bonuses Shown on Video by Square Enix


Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows on video the summon bonuses reserved for pre-orders, with some short clips published by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake presented pre-order bonus summons in a series of short videos posted on Square Enix on Twitter.

The first of the bonus summons shows the funny Cactuar in action: recalled by Cloud Strife, the animated cactus launches on the enemy hitting him with a rain of thorns and thus supporting the party action in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The second summons that we see on video is that of Chocobo Chick, the “baby” version of the traditional Chocobo which appears alongside the characters to emphasize their maneuvers, without however producing direct attacks.

Finally, we have Carbuncle, also a puppy and a traditional evocation for the Square Enix series: thanks to the jewel placed on his forehead, he can create a barrier that protects heroes from spells.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be available starting April 10, exclusively on PS4.