Gothic, the Remake in Development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X: It’s Official


The Gothic remake is in development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X: THQ Nordic has officially announced it, providing the first details on the project.

Gothic will return with a remake currently in development for PCPS5 and Xbox Series X: THQ Nordic has announced it, providing the first details on the project, which will be released after 2020.

The confirmation of the publisher comes two months after the publication of the demo of Gothic Remake, which was a great success and established that users wanted the return of the series born in 2001.

Specifically, 180,000 players tried the demo on Steam, leaving more than 9,000 reviews, and over 43,000 answered the questionnaire published by THQ Nordic to probe the ground about the making of a remake of the Piranha Bytes classic.

It was therefore decided to found a new development studio in Barcelona that will take care of starting from the demo of Gothic Remake and begin to introduce the changes suggested by users, first of all, a more decadent and less colorful style for the game world.

“We accept the challenge of developing a Gothic Remake that is as faithful as possible to the original experience and can bring the atmospheres of the Gothic world into a modern context in terms of the technology sector and gameplay mechanics,” said Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director at THQ Nordic.

Gothic Remake will, therefore, be put into full production and developed for PC and next-gen consoles. The game does not yet have a launch window, but it is certain that it will arrive after 2020.